Posted: June 6th, 2022

Foundational Knowledge

 In a 5-page paper, address the following components. Each component should have its own heading and paragraph.

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Foundational Knowledge
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  • In what ways do school counselors support exceptional students?
  • Research and indicate 3 best practices that can be used to help support exceptional students
  • Indicate resources that school counselors can provide students with disabilities in order to augment their academic, social / emotional, and vocational success
  • Define a 504 Plan and describe its purpose
  • Define an IEP and describe its purpose
  • Discuss components of an IEP
  • Role of school counselor in supporting students struggling with a mental health or emotional disorder
  • Choose one of the mental or emotional disorders discussed in this module. Address the following:
    • Diagnostic Criteria associated with identified disorder
    • Best Practices to support student struggling with identified disorder
    • If you were developing an IEP for a student struggling with this disorder, indicate 3 goals that can be set for this student, as well as 3 interventions to help this student achieve his / her goals

Please make sure that your paper is written in 7th edition APA formatting 

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