Posted: June 13th, 2022

Frank solution (“CubeSats: Big Goals, Tiny Package” – is the title) -see the link and write a report what you learned -connect the space mission to the following physics topics: 1. Units, Physical Quantities, and Vectors 2. Motion Along a Straight Line 3. Motion in Two or Three Dimensions 4. Newton’s Laws of Motion 5. Applying Newton’s Laws 6. Work and Kinetic Energy 7. Potential Energy and Energy Conservation 8. Momentum, Impulse, and Collisions 9. Rotation of Rigid Bodies 10. Dynamics of Rotational Motion 11. Equilibrium and Elasticity 12. Fluid Mechanics 13. Gravitation 14. Periodic Motion – try to write down basic equation if it’s possible.

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Frank solution
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describe a specific space mission, project, or instrument and describe how the technology, science, or engineering connects to the material in our class. Be very specific for full credit.  Consider this a technical research project; basic equations are helpful and expected.


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