Posted: June 12th, 2022

Genetic Biology


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Genetic Biology
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Write a short one-page essay for EACH of the topic mentioned below. Try your best to explain and connect EVERY term in the sentence. (total 4 pages.12 pts. Due 2019/4/17, 7am.)

1. Contributions of Chromosomes, ribosomes, and enzyme catalysts from genes and proteins to anatomy and cultures of humans if any.

2. Approaches taken by Sean Carroll’s “Endless Forms” and Sharon Moalem’s “Lives of genes” to exploring the realms of the chromosomes within a world of embryos, chromosomes, genomes and gametes made by gonads.

3.Metabolic creatures that occur in soil supplemented with which mineral-salt in Epsom salts along with which chemical compounds found in paper and in water. 

4.Microscopic views of animals tissues as introduction to ruminations about nanoscopic views  of about twenty amino acids; three letter codes from five nucleotides; that use which six chemical elements (C.H,O,N,S,P) with ribosomes as sewing machines.


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