Posted: June 4th, 2022

Geography Homework

Geography Project – Project Plan Instructions

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Geography Homework
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Following your Module/Week 4 and Module/Week 5 submissions and instructor feedback, you will identify a location as an area for a potential service project and prepare a mission statement as well as develop a strategy to accomplish this mission using the 5 main themes of geography as guides.

The mission statement will be a concise sentence identifying the location and the desired result of services to be performed. For example: “The goal of this project is to help the people of Tripoli, Libya by delivering fresh water for drinking and irrigation.” The subsequent plan to achieve this mission statement will be based on the 5 main themes/topics of geography and will be at least 3–4 pages (not including a title page and/or reference pages towards the minimum page length).

Introduction (Why this is a topic worth exploring/solving)

This service project may be characterized by, but not limited to, business, Christian service, or a military action for the purpose of helping a particular group of people. The service topic you choose may already exist, but the description of the problems and their characterizations in terms of the geographic themes and topics must be your own.

Geographic Theme of Movement as an Example

For example, a strategic plan to achieve the aforementioned mission statement would be: “The people in Tripoli face both a shortage of fresh water and food.” How would you get these resources to them? By exploring the theme of movement, you see how aspects of transportation may be the key to satisfying the delivery of water. You might want to increase the roads to this area, thereby enabling you to get irrigation equipment and water to this town. Perhaps the topic of agriculture from the text would lead you to explore the idea of creating irrigation for the crops of the area.

Think within the theme of movement. You may observe that by marking road signs in Arabic, one uses language and relative place to mark the roads in a manner consistent with the needs and cultural nuances of this particular area. You will also want to develop the idea of where the trucks will come from to deliver the water. Will the trucks need to come from Europe, thereby necessitating sealift (theme of movement), or can they be created in an urban area nearby (topic of industry and urban geography)?

Conclusion/Summary Paragraph

The logical application of a location’s needs into a concise mission statement and a well-researched and imaginatively explained plan will both demonstrate spatial awareness and the application of Christian principles. Success in this project could constitute one small step in the Great Commission that Christians have been charged with fulfilling.




Use the following section heading outline when writing your paper.


II.General Overview and Rationale

III.Region Relevance

IV.Location Relevance

V.Place Relevance

VI.Movement Relevance

VII.Human-Environmental Interaction Relevance



To complete your project, use current APA formatting. Cite at least 3 sources. Include a title page and a reference page.

Your Geography Project – Project Plan is due via SafeAssign by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8.


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