Posted: October 7th, 2022

HA599 Unit 9 Discussion

In two diferent paragraph give your personal opinion to  Alyssa Lucas  and   Felita Daniel-sacagiu 

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HA599 Unit 9 Discussion
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 Alyssa Lucas 


Denneson, L.M., Tompkins, K. J., McDonald, K. L., Hoffmire, C. A., Britton, P. C., Carlson, K. F., Smolenski, D. J., & Dobscha, S. K. (2020). Gender differences in the development of suicidal behavior among United States military veterans: A national qualitative study. Elsevier, Social Science & Medicine 260.

Novotney, A. (2020). Stopping suicide in the military. Monitor on Psychology, 51(1).

 Felita Daniel-sacagiu 

Oral Presentation and Defense          


Opioid death rates are prevalent in the United States

The specific problem is opioid death rates are prevalent in Tennessee.  CDC states that Tennessee has had one of the highest opioid prescribing rates every year since data collection related to opioid prescription rates began in 2006.  Tennesseans received 94.4 prescriptions for opioids for every 100 residents.  In 2018, more Tennesseans died from the use of the drug fentanyl than any other medication

Who is at risk?

Long-term use of prescription opioids, even when under the care of and prescribed by a physician, can cause patients to build a high tolerance level, which means they need higher doses or more frequent doses of the medication to get desired treatment effects.  

Opioid dependency occurs with regular, recurrent use, causing the body to adapt so it can only function normally with the medicine.

The purpose of this research is to reduce death rates associated with opioid use in Tennessee. This is important because Fentanyl overdose deaths have doubled in the last five years. It is fatal and can be deadly in low amounts.

According to the Tennessee Department of health, overdose in Tennessee has increased by over 40% within the last four years and continues to evolve. 

Who is affected?

Addiction not only affects the individual who is dependent, but it is also detrimental to public health, safety, and socio-economic stability. 

Findings from my literary review

  • Substance abuse is a global issue.
  • Extensive prescribing of opioids began in the late 1990s after manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies reassured medical professionals that prescription opioid pain relievers were not addictive and safe for patient use. 
  • According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, over 20 million people over the age of twelve struggle with a substance use disorder. 
  • Over 1800, Tennesseans died of a drug overdose in 2018 (American Addiction Centers, 2020)

Oral Presentation and Defense          

More findings from my literary review

  • Despite substantial increases in naloxone prescriptions, the dispensing rate per high/dose opioid prescription is low.
  • Medical school curricula do not allocate significant course time and training to education on addiction. Many physicians lack the knowledge of how to identify the need for assessment and therapy management
  • Deaths caused by Fentanyl overdose have increased significantly within the last five years.  
  • Despite substantial increases in naloxone prescriptions, the dispensing rate per high/dose opioid prescription is low

Unexpected Findings:  None

Recommendations which may address problems

  • Create a comprehensive website to educate physicians regarding naloxone treatment
  • Implement a certification program for medical students
  • Create a new pharmacy refill checklist assessment
  • Conduct additional research 

                                       Final Thoughts

This epidemic has led to increased criminal incidents, community deterioration, and destruction of the family system(s), resulting in personal isolation and preventable deaths. It affects all people, regardless of race, creed, color, gender, or age. It will continue to affect all communities resulting in the weakening of public health if attention and research are not strategically and effectively dedicated. The best strategy to save lives and improve population health should include evidence-based guidelines, improved patient monitoring, community strategies, and medical research expansion.

  • Chisholm-Burns, M.A., Spivey, C.A., Sherwin, E., Wheeler, J., & Hohmeier, K. (2019).  The opioid crisis:          Origins, trends, policies, and the roles of pharmacists.                American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, 76(7), 424-435.
  • Pezalla EJ, Rosen D, Erensen JG, Haddox JD, Mayne TJ. Secular trends in opioid prescribing in the USA. J Pain Res. 2017; 10:383-387
  • Ratycz., M.C., Papadimos, T. J., & Vanderbilt, A.A. (2018). Addressing the growing opioid and heroin abuse epidemic:  a call for medical school curricula.  Medical                    Education Online, 23(1), 1.

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