Posted: September 7th, 2022



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You are the CEO of Acme Hospital, a small rural facility. On your staff, there is a physician (OB-GYN), Dr. Thomas Cole, with whom you have been having some problems. Dr. Cole:


•does not finish his morning rounds on a regular basis


•does not attend medical staff meetings


•often very late in arriving to deliver babies


•most of the time, the nurses on duty in the delivery room deliver the majority of Dr. Cole’s babies




You know that these issues must be addressed but there are other connecting problems.


•First, Dr. Cole is the son of Dr. Frederick Cole who just retired after 55 years of service with Acme Hospital.


•“Dr. Fred” was much beloved among hospital staff and before he left, he used his charm and status to make certain staff members (you were not one) promise to help and to protect his son, the younger Cole.




You know that when you begin raising these issues there will likely be resistance to take any action.




Please discuss the following:


•What are the possible liability issues that the younger Dr. Cole is exposing the facility to?


•How would you manage the staff that promised to help the younger Dr. Cole?


•Would you approach the elder Dr. Cole? Why or why not?


•Is this a problem that can be “fixed”? If so, how can it be fixed? Are you willing to give the younger Dr. Cole the time to “fix” the issues as the CEO?




Answer must be in APA format


150 words minimum


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