Posted: June 13th, 2022

Healthcare Quality :Activity: Process-Improvement Goal Setting

You have now completed activities on the divide between patient-centered care and actual practice, accreditation compliance, meaningful use, leadership strategies, the importance of data analysis and reporting, how technology plays a role in quality improvement, and the importance of value-based reimbursement. Completing these key activities will help you determine the status of patient quality at your organization.

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Healthcare Quality :Activity: Process-Improvement Goal Setting
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In this activity, you will identify recommendations to improve the current level of quality or safety. If you are not currently working, select a previous employer or an organization from the Joint Commission Quality Check website, and view the accreditation report.

After viewing the required video and reading the required articles for this module, create a Word table and list three goals to address your concerns or recommendations to improve quality at the organization. Also include a proposed timeline for beginning implementation and completing the goal.


The three goals could address the areas listed below or others you identify:

  •   Technology issues
  •   Accreditation
  •   Process improvement
  •   Quality improvement
  •   Communication improvement
  •   Performance improvement

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