Posted: June 13th, 2022



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Imagine as team you have been invited to give a 10-12-slide presentation on the effects of media on diversity at a conference. Prepare this presentation by doing the following:

1. Describe how various microcultures are represented in the media.

2. Explain how diversity in the media effects audiences’ perceptions of different microcultures.

3. Include suggestions on how the audience can limit the impact media messages have on their view of microcultures. 

4. Include appropriate visuals to engage the audience and communicate your point.

5. Include lecture notes on each slide.

6. Use at a minimum five sources to support the claims you make in the presentation.  

I am in charge of writing the 2 slides with 2 extra citations. Please add in the citation page with the other citations.

Please use the template already started but type in to the micro cultures representation slide and audience perception slides don’t worry about the messages there, just erase and add the notes, leave the title but add the modifications. Thanks.

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