Posted: June 12th, 2022

history short paper

Guidelines for Documentary Review

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history short paper
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How to write a Review of a Documentary: Guidelines

  1. Include your name; the Title; Name of the producer and/or narrator; year produced
  2. What is the subject of the documentary? What is the purpose/goal of the documentary? What new perspective does the documentary hope to offer.
  3. Does the documentary engage diverse viewpoints?
  4. What evidence/testimony or footage does the filmmaker use to support his or her main argument?
  5. Discuss in detail a particularly moment in the film.
  6. How does the director choose to end the film? Write and propose an alternative ending.In 2 typed pages describe the speaker’s primary goal/ argument. In what way does the speaker support her/his argument.

Choose One of the Following Documentaries

Available via Netflix:

20 Feet From Stardom to an external site.)s

What Happened Miss Simone?   to an external site.)

The Great Hack to an external site.)

Becoming Warren Buffett to an external site.)

Knock Down the House   to an external site.)

Mitt to an external site.)

13th to an external site.)

Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport (Children Saved from Nazis) to an external site.)

Growing up Coy to an external site.)

Woodstock 3 Days that Defined a Generation

to an external site.)

Best of Enemies: William Buckley and Gore Vidal to an external site.)

Super Size Me   to an external site.)

Audrie and Daisy to an external site.)

Get Me Roger Stone to an external site.)


Hilary to an external site.)

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