Posted: June 14th, 2022

How to Teach WordPress Basics to the Students?


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How to Teach WordPress Basics to the Students?
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WordPress is basically a free as well as open source system used by the professionals and firms. Word press is entirely based on PHP as well as MySQL. Word Press is totally online based software, open source website generation tool that is normally written in PHP. In the present era, it is considered as one of the most appropriate, authentic and powerful content management system used to manage website content. It is really very much easy to teach students how to operate and work on Word Press. 

How to teach word press basics to the students

1. The teachers who wish to teach students how to work on wordpress must need to begin teaching wordpress to their students with the dash boards. Click on several menu items and discuss with them what they could do at each one of them.

2. It is obliged on the teachers that they should need to show them a few illustrations of the websites such as the New York Times that were constructed and are powered by wordpress. It will encourage them and motivate them to attempt diversified things on the wordpress platforms.

3. It is not essential that students have to teach all the information from the teachers. They should need to provide some useful links to the students for the purpose to discuss some of the information or particular basics.

4. It is necessary for the teachers that they should need to split the lessons into different small parts. It will be easier for the students to absorb the content easily. However, if the teachers try to teach their students wordpress basics to their students so it will be tough for the students to learn the material and the process of teaching will become bored and hectic for the teachers.

5. It is necessary that the institution must include some basics in the elementary subjects while teaching wordpress to beginner students. The course must include some basics things in starting such as Search Engine Optimization, Blogging Strategies, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Conversion, Navigation, UX/UI, Google Analytics and wordpress Set up as well as Customization. 

6. In order to help the students to become master in wordpress, it is essential that the students must be assigned several assignments for practice purpose. The homework assignments will really help students a lot in becoming champion in Word press. It is a very challenging task for the students to attempt assignments by their own efforts. If the students got stuck at any point during completion of their assignments of Word press so they can take help with assignment. By taking help with assignment it will be easier for them to complete their assignments on time and get good marks in their assignments. 

After students get the main idea of some basics regarding word press, it is the time to commence their own professional journey on this publishing software. Explain some steps in which they should require to be perfect to accomplish the work. 

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