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A Complete Guide on How to write a Movie Review

Writing a movie review is one of the most common assignments for many students. In a movie, you get humor, drama, love, adrenaline, a journey back through time, or a new reality. However, enjoying watching a movie on your couch and watching it for reviewing purposes are not the same. In this article, you will learn how to learn a movie review and mistakes to avoid.

What is a Movie Review

A movie is a complex overview usually done by a professional critic on released films to help decide the best films. Reviews made by professionals are detailed, sharp, and well structured. A professional movie review will highlight film directors and their previous works. You will also find a deep understanding of different genres, filming techniques, and modern techniques.

However, you can still find more informative reviews done by amateurs.


Purpose of a Movie Review

To write an outstanding movie review, you need to understand its purpose. Some of its objectives include the following:

  • Entertain the reader. Before we get choose a movie, we get to read reviews to select the best film. Reading reviews is fun. Therefore, make the reviews fun and easier to understand.
  • To discuss the film plot briefly. Share information about characters, main events, and relations but don’t tell the whole story. Mention the key parts and never replace your review with watching the film.
  • To analyze the film. Analyze the general aspects such as acting, theme, music, and director’s work. Evaluate whether the main idea was duly implemented and try to be objective in your evaluations.
  • To share your opinion. Describe your feelings, likes, and dislikes after watching your movie. Highlight the general impressions about the movie and let your readers decide whether it’s worth watching the movie or not.
  • To give a recommendation. Inform your readers what they might expect from the movie and what they find interesting. But never be categorical. Mention the reasons to watch the film and some of its weaknesses.

How to Write a Movie Review: Step-by-Step Guide

First, you need to understand the characteristics of a good movie review:

  • Provides an overall overview of the movie.
  • Outlines the bibliographic information.
  • Highlights the strong and weak points of the film.
  • Compare film with other related films.
  • Describes the plot and doesn’t give away any spoilers.
  • Mentions the key characters and actors.

Also, you need to check on the proper formatting of the movie review. The key to succeeding in your movie review is decent organization. A good film should follow a specific structure and style.

Here are some ways how to format your movie review:

  • Use the font size of 12pt
  • Use 1-inch margins on all sides
  • Pick a reader font (preferred ones are Roman times, Bookman, Courier)
  • Make sure your name and tile of the paper are centered.


Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to write a movie review:

Choose a Film

Take your time and think carefully about the film you like to analyze. Although you may likely choose your favorite movie, you can still write about a film you don’t like. Explain why you don’t like it and some of its weaknesses. Such an approach could be refreshing and could bring you extra credit.

Watch the Movie

Even if you’ve watched the movie ten times, watch it again. This will enable you to discover new things or understand the characters’ motives.  Watching the film for the second time will help you notice the minor characters’ attributes and stories.

Make Notes

Always keep a paper and pen near you when analyzing a film. Note your ideas while watching or right after it. Writes your notes immediately when an idea comes up.

Research the Movie

Filming is a long and complicated process and the shooting process is an interesting story. Research the movie process as much as possible. Ask yourself these questions:

Is it an original scenario, a retelling, or a remake?

Is the plot based on a book?

What was the production budget?

How has the cast changed throughout the movie?

Pick the interesting aspects of the production process and share them in your review.

Analyze the Movie

Mind map everything that got your attention from the movie and determines your impression of the film. Pay attention to how the movie filming and the techniques used. Think of the character that impressed you most and why. Compare the character role in other works. Discuss the movie with your friends to get fresh ideas on your opinion. You can still get another point of view.

Draft a Review Outline

To succeed in your review, plan your work. Before writing the actual movie review, outline your work. This will enable you to structure your thoughts and arguments.

Come up with Eye-catching Title

“My review for Titanic” title sounds boring. Instead think of an intriguing title, “ Why taking a cruise is not always a good idea.” Such a title is appealing and will make the reader read more.

Write your Review

After researching and preparation of your work, write a review. Put your thoughts and arguments together and stick to the outline you wrote before. Make a general overview of the film but don’t spoil the outcome. Write main points and things you liked and disliked about the film. Reinforce your thoughts with examples. Talk about the originality of the film and compare it with other films. The comparison should focus on genre, films with the same topics, or films directed by the same person. 

Edit your Final Draft

After you’ve computed your review, take a rest. A little pause before final editing will help you look at it with a fresh outlook. Check for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, formatting style, and presentation sequence. Make sure your review complies with the outline of your professor.

Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Describe the movie review in detail. The idea of the movie review is not to put the film on paper – nobody likes spoilers. Share the film’s general plot and let your readers decide whether it’s worth the movie.
  2. Lack of evidence. Don’t present your opinion without any evidence. The unfounded statement isn’t a good resource for a decision.
  3. Lack of film research. Always research the movie and provide background information about the movie.
  4. Absence of structure. If your work is not properly structured, it is difficult to follow your thoughts and understand your work. A good structure will help to get your message across.
  5. No recommendations or conclusions. Don’t deprive your readers of your findings and thoughts. You make someone evening by advising someone to watch.

We hope this article will help you to write a movie review. If you still find it challenging to write a movie review, feel free to contact us. We’ll deliver the best movie review that meets your expectations.

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