Posted: October 9th, 2022

Improve document uploaded According to comments below

  1. Research Question and Hypothesis is very unclear, and very poorly developed. In this case I do not feel like suggesting a Hypothesis formulation. Maybe something like “Marine related business can create value, and at the same time contribute to the protection of the marine life”. But his is something that the student has to clarify and better explain in this chapter.
  2. The litereature review does not contain any academic reference. And this topic is crowded of academic references that could be used in the literature review. Furthermore, the student is mixing some concepts as he says: “This research will recommend new strategies for big and small businesses to improve waste management, adopt more sustainable business practices, and collaborate with the rest of the world in addressing the various threats endangering marine life.” This phrase is more adequate for the research methodology, or even at the beginning in the research questions and hypothesis
  3. Research methodology. Is he planning only one type of survey? if so, what minimum number of respondents would be required?
  4. Bibliogrtaphy should be better presented, and with more references. This topic can be researched in many academic sites.

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Improve document uploaded According to comments below
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