Posted: July 22nd, 2022

Introduction of Workplace Safety

Discuss a type of hazard control that you have applied or that has been applied to reduce the risk of a job you perform at work or at home. Explain what that control is and describe where it fits within the hierarchy of controls (elimination, substitution, engineering, administrative, or PPE). Explain how successful, or unsuccessful, it is at eliminating or reducing your risk while performing the job.

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Introduction of Workplace Safety
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When commenting on another student’s post, offer suggestions on controls that could be applied from an additional level (or levels) of the hierarchy.



Not so long ago, I was in charge of Safety for a fleet of vehicles and drivers.  The trucks always had a “team”, i.e. 2, and sometimes 3 to a truck to perform delivery duties.  There always seemed to be accidents that were minor (damage) to the vehicles with no injuries to the driver team.  These accidents would mostly occur while backing.  Prior to my managing of fleet safety, technological advancements had “SUBSTITUTED” the job of a good old-fashined “spotter”.  Back up cameras, sensors and additional mirrors had replaced a person simply disembarking the vehicle and positioning themselves in a safe location to make eye-contact with the driver; and usher the driver/truck into the parked position.  Seeing that “ENGINEERING CONTROLS” were already in-place, I needed to affect “ADMINISTRATIVE CONTROLS” and revise the drivers current Standard Operating Procedures, SOP’s, (outlining backing) to incorporate the passenger performing duties as a spotter.  This also necessitated a training component for the entire fleet of drivers as to expectations around both critical functions of driving and acting as the spotter.  This change was implemented successfully and minor-backing accidents, without a spotter, reduced significantly and the engineering controls were present as an additional measure in lieu of ELIMINATING the spotter.

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