Posted: June 4th, 2022

Lab report microbio

Please follow that steps and answer all of the following that listed below regarding the bacteria Pseudomonas fluorescens strain M. Rhodes.

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Lab report microbio
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1. Write Phenetic approach and biochemical characteristics of classification – Pseudomonas fluorescens strain M. Rhodes.

Should include:

-Gram stain and morphology

-Optimal growth temperature

-Optimal oxygen requirement

2.All the biochemical analysis that should include:

Biochemial testing: what is the expected result :

-Glucose/dextrose Fermentation 

-Lactose Fermentation

-MR-VP (Methyl Red Test)

-MR-VP (Voges-Proskauer Test)

-Catalase Production

-Nitrate Production

-Strach Hydrolysis 

-Tryptophan Hydrolysis 

-Urea Hydrolysis

-Hydrogen Sulfide Production

-Citrate Utilization 

-Litmus Milk Reaction

-Oxidase Test

-Gram Stain

-Oxygen Requirement 

3.Use Bergey’sManual

4.Phylogenetic Approach

5.Name the Microorganism

6.Phenetic Analysis


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