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London, Paris


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London, Paris
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 After watching the videos in the Module/Week 3 Reading & Study folder, answering the following questions:

  1. Define polyptych.
  2. Define iconoclasm.
  3. How tall is the Ghent Altarpiece?
  4. How many figures are depicted when the piece is closed? How are they depicted?
  5. What is the medium?
  6. When the Altarpiece is open, who is in the center of the work and how are they depicted?
  7. What is the theme of this work?
  8. What does the pelican symbolize?
  9. List 3 interesting finds or symbols included in the Arnolfini Portrait.

2.    Why did printmaking become a major pictorial medium in Northern Europe during the fifteenth century? Choose a word discussed in Chapter 19 and explain how it supports your answer.

Your paper should be 1–2 pages formatted in APA style and submitted as a Word document.

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