Posted: June 13th, 2022



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You guys lucked out!  This news nugget is an easy read with very specific information, most of which we’ve covered so you should be able to have fun with it.  Don’t get bogged down with trying to precisely calculate all the numbers, just swim at the surface.  In other words, don’t get too deep with this, lol. 

Overview: I want you to read the article and assess the affects on the economy of the information contained within.  The title alone will give you an inkling of what I’m looking for, but here are some specifics:

  • Durable goods – Purchases of these items have changed, what do these changes tell you about the current (and future!) state of the economy?
  • Investment – More changes; what do these mean?  
  • Use the Circular Flow Model and the GDP equation to assess these effects.  Hint: Using Circular Flow could lead to a good paragraph about both Durable goods and Investment, and how they might affect each other.
  • Anything else you see and find interesting enough to discuss.

Feel free to be conversational, but watch your grammar, spelling, etc.  Your work should be about a page in length, give or take a sentence.

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