Posted: October 15th, 2022

math question due today 20 min

1. When exchanging US Dollars (USD) for Philippine Peso (PHP) the number of Philippine Pesos received is directly proportional to the number of US Dollars to be exchanged. If 450 USD can be converted into 14,570.55 PHP.

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math question due today 20 min
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Find the constant of proportionality k.
k = __________ (If needed, round answer to 3 decimal places.)

Using the k from above find the amount of PHP given that you have 850 USD to convert.
you will receive __________ PHP (If needed, round answer to 2 decimal places.) 

2. Use the Quadratic Formula to solve the equation x2+17=10xx2+17=10x


3. Use the discriminant to find the nature of the solutions to the following quadratic equation: 4x^2 + 24x +36 = 0

1.Two imaginary-number solutions
2.One repeated rational-number solution
3.Two different rational-number solutions
4.One repeated irrational-number solution

 4. A tourist in a sightseeing balloon drops his cell phone from a height of 190190 feet above the ground (see picture). Find the time t (in seconds) for the object to reach the ground. The height (above ground) of the object is modeled by 

Height = -16t^2 + 190

190 feet 

 How many seconds will it take the object to hit the ground?

t = 

5. Use the discriminant to find the nature of the solutions to the following quadratic equation: 2x^2 – x -5 = 0

Two imaginary-number solutions
One repeated rational-number solution
One repeated irrational-number solution
Two different irrational-number solutions
Two different rational-number solutions

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