Posted: October 9th, 2022

Mathematics – GRAPH THEORY CPLEX problem


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Mathematics – GRAPH THEORY CPLEX problem
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I’m looking for your help for a graph theory problem related, it includes some :

– Problem modelling using IBM CPLEX.

– Linear programming.

– Writing the problem model in a IBM CPLEX .mod file and test it.

– Modelling the problem using graph theory, and writing its linear problem.

– Implementing the LP in a .mod file, using tables (i.e : adjacency matrix..).

– Test the models using : Peterson’s graph, complet K6 graph, bipartite graph, 4-level binary. 

 The problem is attached.  I hope my introduction was as clear as it should be. 

The problem should be delivered in a .docx (word) file with the detailed report.

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