Posted: October 8th, 2022

mis 1305 discussion 2


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mis 1305 discussion 2
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The purpose of this assignment is to become familiar with UHD and COB student resources.


For this assignment, complete the below listed tasks. Use Word application software to save your answers in a Word file. Be sure to use spell check and grammar check, and proofread work.  You may seek assistance from the UHD Writing – Reading Center at .  When done with all tasks, copy your answers from the Word file to paste into the Message area of the Discussions (see task 4).

Task 1:

Visit the following UHD Student and COB Resources websites (you may have to copy and paste the URLs in new browser sessions).

Task 2:

Choose two of the above listed UHD Student Resources and 2 of the above listed COB resources. Read the posted information.

Task 3:

In four paragraphs, fully explain why and how each of the chosen four resources could help you most. Give examples.

Note: Do NOT copy from other students’ postings, as this action will be treated as a violation of Academic Honesty (see course syllabus).

Task 4:

By due date and time, click on BB/Discussions/Discussions Assignment 2: UHD Student Resources and then click on Create Thread, enter your last name for Subject, paste your answers from the Word file in the Message area, and click on Submit (do NOT start a new Discussions thread and do not attach files). 

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