Posted: September 16th, 2022


What are some of the different needs that you feel must be considered before performing the community health assessment in your city’s community as noted in the discussion board post below?   (MINIMUM OF 125 WORDS)    

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                                                                                  Discussion Board Post

Community Health Assessment (CHA) involves a collaborative and systematic process that includes collection and data analysis to comprehend health needs that a community requires and implementation of plans for addressing such needs. The types of needs that must be considered in community health needs assessments include perceived needs, expressed needs, absolute needs, and relative needs. Perceived needs are based on what individuals feel their needs are. Expressed needs defined by the number of individuals who sought help. Individuals may have felt a need and acted upon it. Absolute needs deemed universal, including those for survival (i.e. food, water, safety, and clothing). Relative needs rendered necessary based on equity. The standard may vary based on population differences.

In my city community, different needs must be considered before performing the community health assessment. In our community, various changes affect the health status of our community. Therefore, all needs must be considered during a community health assessment to enhance the community’s health status. In general, there are specific health requirements in our community, such as education on healthy living styles, which represent the expressed needs in our community.

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