Posted: July 5th, 2022


One Page Spanish Composition Assignment

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I need your help with regards to this One Page Spanish Composition Assignment, which supposed to be completed NO LATER THAN 04/20/16, at 9:00PM – EST.



Write a one page composition following the MLA format. Make sure you use the following grammar and vocabulary expressions: 

Las partes del cuerpo, pretérito e imperfecto, imperativos (tú commands) Vista Higher Learning page. 378, mexpresiones de dolor,  por y para, adverbios,romperse (la pierna, el pie, el brazo…), torcerse el tobillo, lastimarse, tomarse la temperatura, estar mareado, estar congestionado, estar enfermo (a), estar sano (a), estar resfriado (a), tener fiebre, tener gripe, sacarse una radiografía, recetar (me recetó), la receta (me dio una receta), los síntomas, operar (me operaron). 

Answering some of the following questions, as a part of the composition and creating a story, could help you using the vocab and the grammar required: 

¿Qué hiciste ayer (la semana pasada…)? ¿Qué hacías cuando eras pequeño/a? Siempre, normalmente…pero un día o una vez…Tuviste un accidente, te caíste, te enfermaste, no te sentías bien….  ¿Qué te paso? ¿Qué hiciste? ¿Adónde fuiste? ¿Qué te hicieron en el hospital…? Me sacaron una radiografía…me tomaron la temperatura… ¿Qué te dijo el médico? El médico me dio una receta…Me dijo que tenía que tomarme las pastillas cada seis horas…



In this One Page Spanish Composition Assignment, certain Spanish words, described in the above two paragraphs, will have to be inserted in the logical narration.

This assignment would have to be completed while respecting all the Spanish grammar rules and having all the Spanish accents, in the final edited version.


You can use the first person singular, as if you are a student athlete and you have an accident while playing soccer (or any other sport) on the field. Then, you have to go to the doctor who run different tests, made an x-ray etc. Make sure you use all the different body parts as well as all other phrases indicated in the assignment, in one page narration


The assignment suppose to be a word document, Times New Roman, 12, with regular margings and spanish accents in the Spanish verbiage used, while having a gramiatically correct composition.


I have just stated in a previous message. The One Page Composition Assignment should be submitted in about 20 hours from now, no later than 9:00PM – EST, today, in the evening

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