Posted: May 30th, 2022

Operational excellence_5.2


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Operational excellence_5.2
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Note: Plagiarism should be less than 20% and a minimum of 2 APA references with in-text citations.

I need the Answer by Thursday 6:00 pm EST(04/02/2020).

you should refer to the following open-textbook link or the pdf in the attachment and prepare the answers for the below questions. you can find the study questions and exercises at the end of the chapter for both chapter 9 and chapter 10.

Open textbook link: 

Please answer the study questions from 1-10 in both chapters 9 and 10 and also Exercise 3 from chapter 9 and exercise 1 from chapter 10.

Chapter 9 :

study questions 1-10,

Exercise 3

Chapter 10:

study questions 1-10, 

Exercise 1 

(Information Systems for Business and Beyond)

The above assignments should be submitted in one-word document.

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