Posted: June 12th, 2022

Paper Two

  1. Write a paper that focuses on the specific advantages and disadvantages of a career you are seriously considering. These must relate to you personally rather than to anyone considering this career. To meet this assignment, you will use your knowledge of yourself, your personality, past experiences, likes and dislikes, and the context in which you live to determine whether this career is suitable for you. You will present the findings of your examination to a reader.
    For example, an advantage of nursing for you might be that your mother is a nurse. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages of choosing the same career as a parent and those can be explored in the assignment. Another example is that salary might be important for you. To answer personally, you would have to explain why salary is important. What are the circumstances in which you have been or find yourself now that make money

important? I will be grading you on your ability to personalize this assignment.

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Paper Two
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Part of this assignment is to refer in some way to content from the Ingraham article “Want to Do What You Love and Get Paid for It?” on pages 25-30 in CONTENT in the reading “Choosing Your Career.”

Think of your audience as a career counselor. She has asked you to write an essay explaining what career you are considering. She will help you with advice so it is important to explain yourself as thoroughly as you can. You can use the information you have acquired from the Career Reading in Content: sites like the Hamilton Project web site, the Occupational Outlook Handbook website, or the My Next Move website. These are discussed in Ingraham’s career reading on the electronic handout in CONTENT. Make clear where your information comes from. You are to use only these websites.

Aim for a minimum of 425 words of text.

All papers must be double-spaced. Type/Font should also be standard (not like cursive writing). Use size 12 font. Make sure that spacing is as accurate as possible. Do not use a title page.

There is an MLA template available in Microsoft Word. Open MS Word and in the box type MLA template. The template is set for double spacing and suitable margins. You are not required to have a Works Cited page.

Place a four-line (single-spaced) information block at the top left corner of the first page of the paper. The block should contain the following:

Your Name
Dr. Hildenbrand ENGL 1101 Date submitted

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