Posted: June 13th, 2022

peer reviews For Professor Ryan Only

feed back on the class mates papers.

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peer reviews For Professor Ryan Only
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questions to answer

Peer Review Criteria

  1. Evaluate the thesis statement: Note whether the author’s topic and overall assessment of these particular articles are clearly stated. Make suggestions to help with the wording if you think it will help the author’s clarity.
  2. Share any concerns you have about the credibility of the author’s sources. You can also suggest other sources or kinds of sources that would help the author to have the most comprehensive understanding of his or her particular topic.
  3. Note which articles that the author evaluates seem to be the most credible and authoritative and which seem less reputable.
  4. Note whether this short essay convinces you that the author has located sufficient materials to be knowledgeable about his or her topic for the final essay and, therefore, is ready to proceed to the next stage in the process working toward the final essay.
  5. Offer corrections to errors in in-text citations and references. We want to have a discussion about how to correctly format citations and references so that this aspect of writing is also made clear in the process of writing.

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