Posted: September 30th, 2022


For this Assignment your Curriculum Project should be on a Bible Subject Pertaining to the Educational Program of the Church.

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A. Curriculum Project:

You will create the information for the criteria below as you design a curriculum for children, teen, and/or adult learner groups for one year. [You can choose one learner group if your project is detailed, otherwise create components for all three groups.] There will be three components:  a curriculum map, a unit, and a individual lesson plan. 

B. Components of the Project:

1  Create a Curriculum Map- a chart showing what the course is and when units are taught. There are many different formats seen on the Internet–Google and choose one that you can make work.

Hint: Most of the time, a curriculum map looks a lot like a spreadsheet. The rows will show the separate time periods covered (by month or by quarter).  The columns will show the information subject matter. See below for an adequate example:


Curriculum map


Learner group:


Key Elements

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4



Essential Questions:






Materials Used

2  Create a unit within the curriculum. Include:

Introduction/Statement of Purpose – length of the unit,   value of the unit, compelling reasons that the unit should be taught:

· Societal needs–how this addresses the needs of society

· Student needs–how the unit addresses the needs of students

· Content/curriculum needs–how the unit addresses the needs of the subject

Essential Questions–essential questions focus the teacher and students on what content needs to be learned in the specific unit 

Concept Map – a diagram of your main ideas. Watch this video to get an idea how to do this.    (Links to an external site.)

(Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Sequencing Rationale – How do units relate to each other?  [Consider the following examples of sequencing principles-

·   Simple-to-complex learning- (e.g., concrete ideas to abstract ideas).

·   Prerequisite learning- certain information must be learned first. 

·   Whole-to-part learning- an overview first, then specific topics or content

·   Chronological learning- content is presented in order of events, (e.g., history) ]

Unit Outcomes: 

· Content outcomes- what subject matter and concepts do students need to learn

· Ability outcomes- what skills should students develop (including problem-solving skills)

· Value and disposition outcomes- what attitudes and values will students acquire

Assessment Strategy

· Formative assessments – quizzes, assignments used to give feedback for improvement in the middle of a lesson, unit or course

· Summative assessments – final exam, paper, or project used to gauge student success at the end of a lesson, unit or course

3  Create an Individual Lesson Plan within a unit

Create a lesson plan for one class period with instructions so that a substitute teacher could easily know what to do and how to do it. Use the template below:


Lesson Title:                                           (time: _____ min)


Key concept:


Learning outcomes: It is expected that   students will:


Learning activity:

Assessment: (discussion, quiz, paper, etc.)

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