Posted: October 8th, 2022


                                           PLEASE NUMBER EACH QUESTIONS

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  There is growing evidence that a person’s race, ethnicity, gender, income,  disability, sexual orientation, and geographic location determine the  likelihood of many chronic diseases. Many public health promotion community  programs are trying to reduce chronic diseases by focusing on the common risk  factors of tobacco use, physical inactivity, and poor nutrition. Please  outline some of the commonly used disease prevention strategies that focus on  high-risk health behaviors.  

Your response should be  at least 225 words in length.


   Please provide a quick overview of a Transtheoretical Model that specifically   outlines its key characteristics. There are known research studies conducted   and some strong evidence of successful implementation of the principles of   this model in the area of smoking cessation. Please outline and briefly talk   about two of the required interventions applicable to each of the five stages   of change of this model: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation,   action, and maintenance. 

Your response should be   at least 225 words in length.


  Why is access to the comprehensive, quality healthcare services important?  What does this access specifically impact, in terms of people’s health  outcomes? What role does an effective health promotion program play in access  to health care?

 Your response should be at least 225 words in length.


   The Theory of Planned Behavior concludes that there are six key components   that determine a person’s actual control over their behavior. These   components are attitudes, behavioral intention, subjective norms, social   norms, perceived power, and perceived behavioral control. Please   outline/indicate some of the key characteristics of the attitudes and the   social norms components. 

Your response should be at least 225 words in length.

                                                     COURSE TEXBOOK:

Edberg, M. (2015). Essentials of health  behavior: Social and behavioral theory in public health (2nd ed.).  Jones & Bartlett Learning.  

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