Posted: June 13th, 2022

Post a response to the following discussion post (Theology)

Firstly, I would like to point out that through this post I will try to reflect how the sacred / secular divide affects our relationship with God. Throughout the history of the church we have seen that believers have not always known how to connect the secular with the sacred. Many Christians do not know how Sunday relates to Monday and as a result many times what they do on Sunday when they are gathered with the other brothers, worshiping the Lord, listening to His Word, is completely divorced from what they do in the rest of the week. The facets of life in which I experience the sacred / secular divide can be summarized in: at home, at work, in my family and at my church. In my opinion, one must ask oneself if what he is doing day after day is what God really wants us to do or if it is the opposite. I firmly believe that when a Christian does not know how to handle the secular in connection with the sacred, he will probably fall into one of two extremes: either he will be mediocre in what he does here and now in his working life or he is very likely to dedicate himself so full to his work life that neglects at the same time his relationship with the Lord and his other responsibilities as father, husband, etc. To try to eliminate this sacred / secular effect on our vital aspects it is extremely important to have a clear idea of what the Bible teaches about work. We have a cultural mandate in Genesis 1: 26-28 that we should never forget.

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Post a response to the following discussion post (Theology)
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