Posted: October 8th, 2022



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For this assignment, you will identify potential ethical issues related to decisions that are made. You will examine what impact ethical considerations may have on decision-making processes and what impact corporate social responsibility can have on the outcome of decision-making for an organization as a whole.

Choose a business in your community. This can be your employer, a business you are familiar with, or a business that you research in the University Library (Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Pepsi, etc.).

Imagine you are the Marketing Manager at the company you chose. The leaders of the company are committed to corporate social responsibility best practices.

Develop a 10- to 12-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes for to educate company leadership about potential ethical issues related to a recent major business decision.

Select a major business decision recently made by the business you chose. For example, a nationwide retailer is closing 25% of its stores or a fast food restaurant known primarily for burgers has announced it is going to begin serving breakfast.

Evaluate how the business applies corporate social responsibility within its decision-making processes.

Identify potential ethical issues related to the major business decision that was recently made and determine the effect that these issues may have had on decision-making processes in general at the business.

Discuss how critical thinking can be used to improve corporate social responsibility best practices.

Cite a minimum of 2 APA-formatted references in the speaker notes. 

Submit your assignment.

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