Posted: June 14th, 2022

presentation or Brochure with speaker notes ( employee orientation)

orientation program for new hires template

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presentation or Brochure with speaker notes ( employee orientation)
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i want the presentation or  Brochure discuss this topic , which has been annexed below with this file where i want the discussion topic also i want speaker notes.


employee orientation “is to integrate the person into the organizational culture with a practical understanding of their role in contributing to the critical strategic and tactical goals of the organization.


The program must address the following issues: ( i wand to processed each subject separtely)

•           Employer commitment to employees,

•           Reasonable employee expectations,

•           Unique departmental considerations,

•           Access to employee handbook or labor agreement,

•           Current organizational culture and future organizational culture,

•           Opportunity for a site tour,

•           Benefits summary,

•           Opportunity for employee feedback.


i want tomorrow 12p.m

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