Posted: October 19th, 2022

Principles of Management

1.  Clearly define and discuss one of the leadership types addressed in this units’ readings.

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Principles of Management
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2.  Describe a leader who personifies this leadership type

3.  What does the leader do that makes them a good fit for this leadership type?

4.  Please use class material to support your answer.
(at least 15 sentences)



However as a leader the expects to work with final alternatives only and does not allow any space to discuss other thoughts or ideas. Therefore, the leader does not have to communicate with the subordinates or any of the team members, they also can just commands, what have to be done and the waits are for the completed task, which sometimes there are probably very often criticize In other words, the autocratic leadership style are a type of any management where one leader have complete the control over all.

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