Posted: June 14th, 2022

Quality assurance using NMR and MRI – a literature study

In the literature study, emphasis should be placed on: • Give an overview of what important parameters are used to describe salmon quality. • Describe the different experimental methods that can be used to characterize the salmon fillet and what these methods can tell us about the quality of the fillet. Pay special attention to: o The difference between microscopic (molecular level) and macroscopic (bulk) methods. o Advantages and disadvantages of the various techniques (accuracy, complicated sample preparation, easy to perform, costs related to experimentation) • Individually for each of the 2 students: o One student chooses NMR spectroscopy while the other chooses MRI  Give a brief description of this method (relevant theory)  How can this method be used to characterize salmon fillet quality? (what are the most important results to be found in the literature)  State the advantages and disadvantages of this method.  Is this method a microscopic (molecular level) or macroscopic (bulk) method?  Compare the method with other methods (also compare MRI and NMR with each other).  Which of these methods do you think will be the most widely used in the future?

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Quality assurance using NMR and MRI – a literature study
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