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Assume that you are a general manager of a U.S. global company name AAA technology. AAA technology is doorbell security company in US and you are going to expand your business in Singapore and Japan . From the perspective of the general manager, identify and analyze the similarities and differences in the legal environments between two countries, which may have an impact upon your future business activities/practices (e.g., marketing, accounting, finance, operations management, human resource management).

Its 2 pages in APA format.

Use parenthesis around the last names of the referenced author along with the published year of the referred publication separated by commas, e.g. (Davenport & Harris, 2007; Hopkins et al, 2010). 4. Since the bibliography should include only those references cited in the text of the paper, it should be referred to as “references.” References should be listed at the end of the paper. Entries should appear in alphabetical order. Here are the examples: Davenport, T. H., & Harris, J. G. (2007). Competing on analytics. Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 46. Elliott, T. (2012). 2012: The year analytics means business. Retrieved from, February 10.

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