Posted: September 10th, 2022

RESEARCH PAPER – 5 more pages needed

Research how different forms of technology have improved medical care in Plastic Surgey.

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RESEARCH PAPER – 5 more pages needed
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Need 5 more pages added to what I already have (which is about two).

My teacher left comments on the work I did, I expect those to be corrected to his liking and then placed within the paper wherever it fits best.




– References need to be APPROPRIATE sources (Not wikipedia).

– Never stesl work from other sources, ALWAYS reference after a borrowed statement.

– Should equal a total of 7 pages inlcuding the previous information I already have

– Make sure to CORRECT what the feedback said in comments (located at the top of the pages).


I will be checking plagiarism and report back to homework market and paypal if it is plagiarised work.

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