Posted: September 17th, 2022

respond post to other classmate only need 2 paragraph

 Jennifer Motl Living arrangements for the Elderly

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respond post to other classmate only need 2 paragraph
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1. Living in own home:

Living in their own home is often the preference for elderly adults. Benefits include a familiar environment that helps them feel in control and independent.  Unfortunately, as age-related health problems increase, their homes can become dangerous if not modified in a way to accommodate them. They can also begin to feel isolated, lonely or depressed- especially if they have lost their partner or spouse.

2. Living with their children:

Many cultures feel an obligation to have their elderly parents move in with them. It can be an easier transition to move in with family members and be taken care of by your children. It can also have significant cost savings. A downside to this would be stresses caused for the children who are often raising families of their own and are now responsible for their aging parents as well. Depending on the amount of care parents require, the children can become overwhelmed and burn out.

3. Assisted living facility:

Assisted living can be a good compromise because it gives seniors the opportunity to maintain independence, but get help when needed. It can also help them maintain an active social life. Some disadvantages are the cost, limited privacy, and sometimes the health care is not adequate enough.

4. Nursing home with intermediate care:

These types of homes are appropriate for someone who needs a lot of help with either physical or mental health limitations. This type of care is expensive and greatly limits independence. A patient without cognitive impairment may suffer from depression or anxiety related to this type of living situation.

5. Nursing home with skilled nursing care:

This care is similar to the latter, but more specialized based on the patient’s needs and caters more to their well-being. This may be a better option, but is often costly and can still limit independence and cause mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

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 Alicia Breen Living Arrangements for the Elderly

1. Living in own home: Able to have privacy wherever they go and whatever they do. Downside is that there is no one there to watch them or hear them if they are in trouble or need.

2. Living with their children: Able to see family and connect with one another; enjoy company. Downside may be feeling like a burden or not having the independence of living on their own.

3. Assisted living facility: Able to eat with others and talk in common area spaces. Downside is that they may not like who they eat with or have to share the common area with.

4. Nursing home with intermediate care: People are there to help with casual tasks such as showering, eating, and dressing. Downside is that there is turnover in these places and it could be hard to feel comfortable with the workers.

5. Nursing home with skilled nursing care and make recommendations for healthy and disabled elderly: The wokers have an educational background are more fit for someone who has deeper concerning health issues. Downside is that this kind of help can be very expensive.

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