Posted: June 14th, 2022

Respond to Angelica post

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Respond to Angelica post
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I am currently working as a youth care worker, and I believe that the best proper sampling, I would say I use is simple random sampling.  I work with children and adolescents in different dorms, so we have daily activity plans we use.  Since not all children and adolescents share the same interest, I pick random activities so all of them can be in the activity that interests them the most.  For example, we have small stations with laptops with learning activities another station with educational puzzles, and others with reading books, and coloring stations.  Each adolescent choses where they want to be, and younger children chose their own group of activities.  Because of their age they chose the activity they enjoy and understand better.  Since we do have young children, I do have to take a little of more time to sit down and help them understand what they are doing as well as staying focused when doing an activity.  We also randomly rotate them so they can stay alert on what they are doing.  This is the reason I believe I use random sampling in my everyday life. 

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