Posted: June 6th, 2022

Review question weeks 5

Compose your Questions for Review assignment in Microsoft Word or a compatible word processing application.

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Review question weeks 5
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2. The paper should be formatted and typed using Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced, and one-inch margins (no exceptions).

3. The length of the paper should be at least 2 pages an reference page 

4. Use APA 6th edition formatting and use a minimum of 2 references.

Content Instructions:

1. What are the first steps in bringing a legal action?

2. What are the defendant’s possible responses?

3. What are the contexts in which pretrial motions may be filed, and what are those motions?

4. What is discovery?

5. What are the advantages of discovery?

6. How might a large corporation defend against allegations that it intentionally failed to preserve

electronic data that a party is attempting to review as part of a discovery request?

7. What takes place at a pretrial conference?

8. Briefly, what are the steps in the course of a trial?

9. Who can appeal from a trial court’s decision?

10. What is the primary consideration in deciding whether to settle a dispute or take the dispute to


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