Posted: October 8th, 2022


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To determine the sample size you take the population you are studying and square root it. For example, lets say the number of people you have in a population you are studying is 100. So you take 100 and square root it to come up with 10. So the number of people you will test or survey is 10.

I was always under the impression that picking random samples was just whoever you run into, when actually that is just a convenient sample. To determine a random sample you give everyone in your population a number, then you can use a calculator to generate a random number selection. For example, you take your population of 100 and you give everyone in that population a number 1 to 100. Then, you use the function randInt( to calculate the random number selection. For example, you type into your calculator, using the randInt button, randInt(1,100,10. You enter the higher and upper limits (1 and 100) and the number of random numbers you want (10). This will generate 10 random numbers that correlate to people in your population you can use for your study

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