Posted: September 10th, 2022

Samsung case

 This write-up should not exceed three pages, double spaced with one-inch margins and twelve-point font, Times New Roman. This write-up should be written as though you were consultants for the firm.

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Samsung case
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 In this write-up, the following should be covered:

1)What is the primary issue facing the firm?

2)What are the secondary issues facing the firm?

3)What is the most appropriate action for the firm?

4)What resources do they have/can they get to do what you suggest?

5)Why should the firm do what you suggest? Why is this a better course of action than alternative options?

6)What are the implications of the strategy you suggest? (i.e. how might your competition, customers or suppliers respond to this strategy)

Supporting your suggestion with relevant information from the case is the most important part of this exercise. This is ultimately a logical exercise, so when you come to a conclusion, it should be a reasoned conclusion based on the facts of the case. If you make an assertion, and the paper does not answer WHY you think this assertion is true, you will lose points. Additionally, your argument should not be made based on information about the firm or the firm’s environment that is from after the date of the case (this date should be considered either the last year mentioned in the case, or the date of the case’s copyright). 

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