Posted: June 14th, 2022

Self Speech Concept. Self-Critique

Self-Critiques. After your self-concept speech, please submit a 250-word self-critique. Address aspects of delivery (strengths and weaknesses), structure (strengths and weaknesses), and content (strengths and weaknesses)

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Self Speech Concept. Self-Critique
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  • discuss how you prepared
  • address strengths and weaknesses in delivery, structure, and content
  • offer a plan for improving future speeches
  • Check for grammar, sentence structure, and paragraph structure
  • write a minimum of 250 words

This is my Self Speech Concept 

what I think about me 

  • Intuitive – because I always understand or I try to understand what’s happening around me using my feelings 
  • Versatile- because I can do different things depending of the situation, even if I don’t have any idea I always try to help and learn 
  • Straight-forward because I like to be direct to the point as people say, people think that is because I don’t want to waste my time but no, for me it’s just because I like to be direct and honest 

what people think about me 

  • Determined – because I put all my objectives and goals over any obstacles 
  • Responsable – because I take control of my life with responsibility, I also take right decisions and I stand by my actions 
  • Honest – I act in accordance with what I think is right 
  • Intelligent- because I’m studious and diligent 
  • Wise – because my behavior facing daily life situations is prudent and mature 

This is my professor opinion 

Your delivery was very good–minimal verbal fillers, good speech rate, posture and eye contact. Work on the structural aspects of your speech–intro and conclusion and varied sentence structure.

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