Posted: October 16th, 2022

Sergei Prokofiev’s (1891-1953)– must be done in sonata form attached


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Sergei Prokofiev’s (1891-1953)– must be done in sonata form attached
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Sonata Form attached

Please listen to Sergei Prokofiev’s (1891-1953) Symphony No. 1 “Classical Symphony” (1917).  The first movement (WHICH ENDS AT ABOUT 4:45!) is in sonata form; please map it out using time stamps from the video.  Please describe the musical contrast you heard that led you to understand the form (ie, compare the first and second themes, what was different in the recapitulation, what did you hear in the development section). Format your papers in the same manner as the chart we used in class (replicated below).

Introduction Y/NExposition:First Theme Second ThemeDevelopmentRecapitulation Coda Y/N 

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