Posted: September 24th, 2022

short paper

Prompt: First, read the article Consumer Buying Process and watch the video 7 Tips for Good Survey Questions. In a brief paper, address the following:

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short paper
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  •   Which stage of the consumer buying process do you believe leads most directly to a consumer’s purchase decision? Explain your reasoning.
  •   How does an understanding of these stages help companies determine consumers’ different influences and motivations in making purchases?
  •   Which survey questions should you ask in order to obtain the most important and relevant information for your selected market segment for the final
    project? Include 8 to 10 sample questions.
  •   How will the survey be administered? How will results be collected?
  •   Justify your use of the survey: Why does the survey need to be conducted? What are you trying to answer with the survey? Be sure to discuss
    demographic profiling and the type of scale used.
    Cite from the article, the video, and other research to support your response. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
  1. Describe the stages of the consumer buying process that lead to a purchase decision and examine how an understanding of these stages informs a company’s marketing campaign.
  2. Create 8 to 10 survey questions that target a specific market segment for a consumer product.
  3. Describe how the survey will be conducted and how the results will be collected.

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