Posted: September 9th, 2022

Sleep Profile and Mindfulness: Mind-Body Connection


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Sleep Profile and Mindfulness: Mind-Body Connection
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  • Use the Mind-Body Connection APA formatted templatePreview the document for the assignment.
  • The paper should be 6-10 pages in length, which includes the title page, references page, and appendices.
  • Double-space and use 12-point, Times New Roman font.
  • Follow the current APA style and formatting for in-text citations and references.
  • Set proper margin justifications: Left-aligned text, 1-inch margins top, bottom, left and right.

Directions for activities to complete paper:

  1. Complete the Occupational Profile of SleepPreview the document.
  2. Analyze and examine your results from Occupational Profile of Sleep.
  3. Develop a sleep routine/plan based on the results.
  4. Practice using Mindfulness daily for 4 days- either Body Scan or Meditation (attached below).
  5. Journal or note responses of daily use of mindfulness and identifying what helps or hinders following through with mindfulness in the Mindfulness: Notes on Practice templatePreview the document.

This assignment must be submitted by the end of the final week of the semester. No late submissions will be accepted

Format of paper: Please use the  Mind-Body Connection APA formatted templatePreview the document for the writing of this scholarly paper.

Introduction: The opening content under your paper title should provide an introduction and overview of what will be included in this paper.

Importance of Sleep on Mind-Body Overview: Begin the body of your paper with an overview of the importance of sleep on the mind-body connection. Your description can begin with a broad consideration related to sleep as an area of occupation. Write in the third person and include literature support or from the course content. 

Sleep Profile: Describe the sleep profile and its use by occupational therapy. Remember to include literature support. Discuss and reflect on what you learned by completing the sleep profile, such as obstacles, what you learned about yourself and sleep routine, habits (good, bad and ugly) and any surprises.

Sleep Routine and Hygiene: Describe changes, if any, for better-addressing sleep as an occupation. Synthesize the results and information from the sleep profile and describe a plan, routine or new habits for addressing sleep.

Mindfulness Overview: Give an overview of mindfulness and effects in the mind-body connection. Mention the benefits to mental health and well-being. Provide support from literature and course content.

Mindfulness in Practice: Give a thorough description of your experience with using mindfulness for four days. Identify whether you used sitting meditation, body scan or a combination of both. Reflecting on your notes, perceptions and analyzing your responses to mindfulness.

Mindfulness Effects on Mind-Body Connection: Discuss the benefits of mindfulness on mental health and well-being. Incorporate your opinion and experience with mindfulness, either in support or against the use of mindfulness. Provide support from literature and course content.

Conclusion: Summarize how the elements of this final assignment have influenced your thinking about the mind-body connection and effects on occupational performance. In one or two paragraphs, provide summative comments, including your thoughts about the value of the mind-body connection on occupational performance.

References: Include a minimum of five peer-reviewed, scholarly references that are also cited in the paper. Make sure the references are current (within the last 10 years).

Appendices: Please include your fully completed Occupational Sleep Profile as Appendix 1 and fully completed Mindfulness notes as Appendix 2. 

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