Posted: October 19th, 2022

Social justice paper

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Social justice paper
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1. You will choose one topic related to our discussions this semester from the following list via the D2L discussion board corresponding to the paper report. Be sure to look out for a final approval response on your D2L posting or prompt to resubmit another topic . Topic must be approved by the instructor by January 26th 2020

Up to 3 people for each topic: 

i. Medical/Health care – Chapter 12ii. Nutrition – Chapter 14iii. Mental Health – Chapter 16iv. Violence – Chapter 17 v. Occupational Health and Safety – Chapter 19 vi. Oral Health  – Chapter 20vii. International and Global Health – Chapter 21viii. Environmental Health – Chapter 18 

Up to four people for each topic (each person pick a different disease): 

ix. Infectious Disease – Chapter 13 (pick a specific disease) x. Chronic Non-Communicable Disease – Chapter 15 (pick a specific disease) xi. Minority Health (Chapters 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10)

2. To assure you work on this project over a good timeframe, two check-in reports will be due on February 23rd and March 13th. These are to be submitted to the corresponding assignment link on D2L. 

3. Write your paper using the following guidelines.  Each section (A-C) needs at least 3 resources: your book, one peer-reviewed article and another credible source. a. Topic Identification/Description i. Why is this topic a Public Health Issue? ii. Why is this topic a Social Justice Issue? b. Social Injustice  i. Discuss at least two specific social injustices related to your topic ii. Discuss two examples of social justice movements related to your issue. c. Intervention Opportunities i. Discuss opportunities available to tackle the two injustices focusing on the following 3 methods: 1. Health education 2. Advocacy3. Policy 4. Leadership Opportunities • Description of what kind of leadership role you could play in the future regarding this issue. Speak in detail to your personal leadership strengths, characteristics, and skill sets. You may also speak to your goals for personal growth and development related to your leadership and vocational pathway. Be realistic but bold. 5. Community Focus • How can community groups address this issue? • Provide a scenario on how you can lead a community group in addressing this issue d. Conclusion 

4. Submit your paper as a written word document to the corresponding assignment link. This is a formal assignment –- avoid personal pronouns, use correct APA formatting (cover page, headers, page numbers, citing etc.). Use headings to indicate each questions (ex: Section 1 = Topic Description)  

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