Posted: October 10th, 2022


Considering Constitutional Change

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Article V of the US Constitution provides methods for amending the Constitution.  Over our long history, we’ve only used it for 27 amendments (the last time was in 1992). Now groups from all over the ideological spectrum believe it is time to make changes again (though they don’t all agree on what!).  Is there a case to be made that the US Constitution is outdated? For this paper, I want you to consider the following:


For this paper on constitutional change, please do the following:


First, read the following article:  “What belongs in a Constitution?” Summarize the article, and discuss what the author thinks really ought to be in a constitution.  Do you agree?  What would you add?  What would you subtract?  Your analysis of this article will help you shape your arguments about whether the issues presented below belong in a constitution, or not.


Second, why might people be calling for change?  Here are a few arguments, from all over the ideological spectrum:


Re: the outdated nature of the US Constitution:



Re: Should there be a right to education?


Re:  Should there be a right to health care


Re:  Getting rid of the Electoral College 


Summarize the arguments presented for each subject.   Of all of the suggestions you have read and considered, please list two that you believe are most necessary, and most likely to be ratified (if you want to add any other issues, please do so, but provide a source).


Remember to follow the General Requirements for Written Assignments when drafting your paper:

All papers must be typewritten, with reasonable font sizes and margins (12pt maximum; 1-inch margins). Unless otherwise stated, papers should be at least 3-5 pages in length, double-spaced, and submitted via eCampus.

Papers are required to include introductions and conclusions.  Assume when writing that the reader has no prior information on your topic — then you will explain and fulfill each prompt completely.  Please review the grading rubric before submitting your paper.

Assignments are due as listed in the course schedule, by 11:59pm.  Late papers will be accepted for half-credit. 

I highly recommend that you write your papers on a separate word processing program, and then upload to eCampus, rather than composing directly on eCampus.  Technology has a way of causing problems when you least need them!  Additionally, if eCampus is down when a paper is due, all you need to do is email the document to me ([email protected]).   Please submit in one of the following file formats (.doc, .docx, .odt., .pdf, .rtf).  I cannot accept Google Docs links or PAGES files.

Where necessary, others’ work must be appropriately cited.  Plagiarism is unacceptable, and will result in a zero.  Please review the Academic Integrity Tutorial and complete the Academic Integrity Quiz below to ensure compliance with college policies.

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