Posted: September 10th, 2022

The Case Study should address the following questions in your analysis:


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The Case Study should address the following questions in your analysis:
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Unit III Case Study








Fire Protection Analysis





For this Case Study you are required to read the “NIST NCSTAR2: Volume I-Report of the Technical Investigation of The


Station Nightclub Fire” found in online at After reviewing the report you







will write a case study analysis in response to a series of questions that are listed below. Your final report will be in APA




format and will include the following: a cover page, a minimum of four pages of analysis in response to given questions,




and a reference page. All responses should be written in a professional analytical manner as though you are a fire




protection specialist providing counsel and advice in response to a request by a municipality wishing to avoid such a




catastrophic event.




You are encouraged to use your textbook as a reference source in order to write a professional level analysis. All sources




must be properly referenced both in-text and on the reference page.




The Case Study should address the following questions in your analysis:




1. What was the occupancy history of the building?




2. What were the pre-fire conditions of the building housing The Station Nightclub?




3. What were, if any, previous incidents at this building site?




4. What are the response capabilities of the West Warwick Fire Department?




5. What type of construction was the building?




6. What was the primary cause of the inferno?




7. What material was largely responsible for such volume of fire?




8. What fire protection systems where in place at the time of the fire?






9. What recommendations would you make relative to fire detection and protection systems?




10. What might another city or town do to avoid such a catastrophe as this?




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