Posted: June 13th, 2022

The Story of an Hour – Discussion – due in 12 hours


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The Story of an Hour – Discussion – due in 12 hours
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The Story of an Hour Message Board

Choose one of the three questions below and answer the question in a well-developed paragraph.  After you submit your answer, you’ll be able to see other students’ answers as well.  You can even reply to their answers (and if you do so, you might receive bonus points for beginning a thoughtful conversation).  

1) What clues do we have about what kind of marriage Mrs. Mallard has?  Has she been happy?  

2) Do you notice any symbolism in the story?  (A symbol is something that represents a larger idea.)  Explain!

3) Mrs. Mallard uses the word “free” after her husband has passed.  Consider the setting of the story – the locked door, the keyhole, the open window.  In what way might Mrs. Mallard be considered a prisoner?

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