Posted: September 9th, 2022

Unit 7: Evaluating Health Promotion I – Discussion

Topic 1: Quantitative Evaluation Plan
  1. Discuss quantitative data you would collect to evaluate the effectiveness of your health promotion initiative. How would this data demonstrate effectiveness and who would you share the data with?
  2. Support your choices though integration of research terminology and include at least source of Evidence-Based Proposal (EBP) which used a method similar to your proposed quantitative evaluation.

This is a health promotion class and I am discussing childhood obesity in the south particularly Alabama……….

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Unit 7: Evaluating Health Promotion I – Discussion
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In order to earn full discussion points, the following criteria must be met in full:

peer-reviewed sources (Scholarly sources… NOT internet sites).

   No errors with APA format.

    Consistently use Standard American English with no misspellings. Appropriate mechanics and formatting.


    The initial post must at least 300 words.  This does not include repeating the DB question or the citations and references.


Must be at least 4 references in the last 5 years 

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