Posted: July 5th, 2022



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Business research offers managers reliable information that helps to  fill a gap in knowledge. By testing theories and putting substantiated  studies in managers’ hands, business research improves decision-making.

Managers go through steps in their decision-making. These steps take  managers’ thoughts through three stages as they develop into a  strategy. See the steps below.

  1. Identify challenges or opportunities.
  2. Select and enact a course of action.
  3. Evaluate the course of action.

Using the ABI/INFORM Collection database in the CSU Online Library, find an article on a subject that you are interested in that is based on the DBA Dissertation Project Topic Areas list. The article from the ABI/INFORM Collection database must come from a scholarly journal.

Copy and paste the problem and purpose statement from the article to  the discussion board, and then discuss how the article can help  managers’ decision-making regarding information that fills a gap in  knowledge.

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