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Compensation Strategy for Knowledge Workers

To prepare for this assignment, review the below articles about employee      compensation, which are also listed in the required reading section of the Unit     IV Study Guide.

Hopkins, C. (2017). How to create a compensation plan     in 6 steps. Retrieved from

How to design an employee compensation plan [SlideShare   slides]. (2013). Retrieved from

You are the director of  compensation for a midsized organization. Prepare a    PowerPoint presentation that  justifies the implementation of a new               compensation  strategy that will support  the motivational needs of knowledge      workers and  reinforce the real-time  performance appraisal system that the       organization has  embraced. While your goal  is to retain, motivate, and grow      the current  workforce of multi-generational  knowledge workers, you must        also    justify to  your senior management that this  compensation strategy is       competitive in the  marketplace. 

Your presentation  should describe a compensation program  for knowledge        workers. The title of the  knowledge worker’s position is entirely  up to you      (e.g., sales executive I,  systems engineer III, etc.). You may use  various      sources (including the lesson materials), but you must use at least one          additional resource from the CSU  Online Library. Include a reference slide,       and  cite any sources used in proper  APA format. Your presentation should be    a   minimum of 12 slides in length—not  counting the title and reference          slides.     You  may also use the slide notes  function to explain slide          contents as      necessary,   but this is not required. 

Be  sure to address the questions below in your  presentation. 

  • What is the compensation strategy being proposed? 
  • Did employees provide input? 
  • Who else provided input? 
  • What incentives are included in the plan? How will it motivate the                                                                      employees? 
  • How will employees determine fairness of the pay structure? 
  • Why do you believe the employees will be satisfied with this plan? Justify                                                                      the      compensation           strategy     that           supports     the                  motivational                 needs     of                         knowledge              workers.     
  • What is your communication plan for rolling out the new program? 

If you have never created a PowerPoint or  need to brush up on your skills,     click here to watch a  how-to presentation  created by the CSU       Writing  Center. To learn PowerPoint best  practices, click here to   watch  another  presentation created by the CSU      Writing Center. 

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