Posted: August 5th, 2022

unit vii rch 7302 part 2


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unit vii rch 7302 part 2
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Greene and Lidinsky (2018) discuss the  use of visual rhetoric in writing (pp. 297–311). Review the information  listed below, and create a table of information using correct APA Style  for formatting, spacing, and headings.

Fifty participants were used to  measure three latent variables: Job Satisfaction (A), Work Satisfaction  (B), and Turnover Intention (C). The arithmetic means were A = 3.81, B =  3.41, and C = 4.14 with a standard deviation of 0.49, 0.50, and 0.34,  respectively. The minimum scores were A = 2.46, B = 2.23, and C = 3.40,  and the maximum scores were 4.93, 4.29, and 4.83, respectively. The  range was 2.47 for A, 2.06 for B, and 1.43 for C. The standard errors  were at A = 0.07, B = 0.07, and C = 0.05.

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